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You Are The Product

people are the product

The Internet is a great source of information, and entertainment, but that is not all. Everything we do on the commercial internet is logged and analyzed.

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I need a website, what do I do now?

graphic designer with mad skills

22 years ago websites were fairly simple to create, and everyone used a desktop computer with modem to browse the web. As the web has progressed, web design tools, style guides, and navigation have grown complex, all boosted by bigger internet connections. Many different devices can browse the internet today, and good web design must accommodate all of those devices.

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Google Mobile First Index

websites ranked by mobile friendiness

Back in 2016 Google announced it was testing a new ranking system based on indexing all mobile content first.

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Do You Need Social Media?

  • Simplify by selecting 1-2 platforms
  • Select platform based on your target audience (Go where they are!)
  • Bond through 'Connect & Engage'
  • Newsletters - Build an email list to Connect
  • Use Video Media to Engage