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Village of Ringwood

Village of Ringwood needed a new website in 2017, and wanted to provide a better interface for their residents to search through their ordinances. Wonderwave OCR'd all of their scanned PDFs into searchable documents, and set up the digital files in the same order that they are maintained on paper.

Village of McCullom Lake

The Village of McCullom Lake needed a new website design in 2017, one that allowed them to manage the site by themselves. Wonderwave Design worked with staff to create their new site design and moved their site hosting from the clunky and error prone interface at

Alden Township

Alden Township website is proof that even if you're small, you still deserve a good website that performs well, without costing more than it should. Alden Township provides services to their residents which include Highway maintenance, and also provides searchable property assessments.

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